Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In case you missed my earlier post. We have moved.

This blog has currently been moved to I have sort of transitioned my primary focus into the pursuit of Internet marketing and the development if my own. A strong secondary focus of mine will always be personal development and sharing things I learn regarding it. I am actively seeking ways to improve my daily routine and really test and discover what it takes for me to operate at my highest level of success and gratitude. So rest assured, while reading at Http:// you will still find a wealth of knowledge relating to personal development and self help topics and techniques. I hope to see everyone over there at our new spot. Please feel free to drop in and leave us a comment or two and subscribe to our mailing list for everything relating to Internet marketing and list building. We are in the process of creating a personal development mailing list. Keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for it around Christmas time! I hope you are all settled in with family and or friends- or just by yourself if that's what you prefer, for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope this post finds everyone safe and sound and enjoying their holiday week.

Here are a couple of positive affirmations for you:
"I radiate wellness and good energy."
"I am content with everything I possess."
"My career is both rewarding and fulfilling,"

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