Saturday, May 18, 2013

18 Link Building Strategies to Write Home About

Link Building Strategies
1. Contact the websites you are currently linked to in order to optimize the links. Ask them to change the “click here” to another anchor text containing relevant keywords since the anchor text encourages people to click the ad.

2. Monitor the websites 404 statistics. Keep track of the links that are old or misspelled URLs. Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking URLs and links.

3. Create a “link to us” link on your website. This provides information for others to link to your site including anchors, URLs, and logos. Keep this page updated with current information and additional links.

4. Use spell check and grammar checker to correct any errors. The users will notice when you have errors in your links, pages, and content.

5. Search the internet for other sites that mention your website but are not linked to your site. Contact them to ask them to link to your site.

6. Post comments on blogs with a link to your site in your signature line. When you add comments that are relevant and informational you will build a traffic stream.

7. Make sure your navigation is able to be crawled by the search engine spiders. Use anchor text or image text to increase the search engine results.

8. Use a sitemap on your website. Link all the pages on each page with the sitemap for a user friendly site. To find out how to create an xml sitemap check out this post from Google's Webmaster Tool's Blog.

9. Link your site to relevant topics on other websites. Link to the important, content filled pages on the different sites.

10. Link to sites with high search engine rankings. They will reciprocally drive traffic to your site.

11. Check on the sites your competitors are using for backlinks. Get the same links to add to your site.

12. Post comments from clients and testimonials that are positive regarding your products or services to your site.  This builds trust and interest with future clients.

13. Create a free eBook detailing your expertise or based upon a certain niche. Offer the eBook as a gift for people viewing your site who provide their personal contact information.  Create an Opt-In Form in the sidebar of your website on every page.
If you are lucky you can automate some of your linking processes. 
14. Teach an online seminar regarding your expertise. You should be considering yourself an expert in your field and this will attract people to the webinar. Post announcements of the seminar on social media pages and forum's relating to your niche or expertise.

15. Use Google AdWord’s content to build your network with other sites with relevant products and content.

16. Join an affiliate program that promotes and sells the same type of product. Add the affiliate program's links to your website.

17. Add a “donate to charity” link to your site. Describe the charity and how you donate the proceeds received. Pick a charity that people are willing to donate to and that is relevant to your niche or popular in your web community.

18. Submit your URL to social media sites to promote your products and services. Make sure your sites have quality services and products offered in order to keep people reposting your links and returning to your site multiple times.

When you utilize these strategies with your website you will begin to see a steady increase in the amount of traffic your site receives.  Begin by using a couple of the strategies and build yourself up to utilizing all of the strategies in time.  These strategies have proven to generate a great amount of targeted traffic.
Here are a couple of positive affirmations for you:
"My mind is calm at all times."
"I am winning in all my relationships."
"I am getting wealthier every day."