Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Hope I Can Help a Little Bit With Your Marketing Battles

First, a Few Quick Self Serving Comments

Good morning. First I want to apologize to all of you that frequent this blog for not updating it often enough.  I have been away from work for most of this month. When I am working, most of my attention is on getting my main site off the ground. That site is nowhere where near where it should be, but I promise you, beginning this weekend I am going to focus on the both sites full time for a while, at least until the main site becomes a respectable, functioning website with at least the potential to earn some money. I'm pretty sure that is the goal of building a website, in most cases anyway. I hadn't yet grasped that fact apparently. But seriously, I have some major improvements in store. I am not going to make it simply a paid website though. I intend to offer quite a bit of value for free as well. Don't go there today because it is being transitioned to new servers, but please do stop by next week and check out the new additions. I have a pretty major overhaul planned. You can find the site at Plan for Life Success.  

Now to Offer Some Hopefully Helpful Internet Marketing Tips

Probably somewhat similar to you all, I have a very large list of web sites that teach internet marketing that I frequent quite often.  I am a member of so many different membership sites that I could never remember them all if it weren't for my Roboform password manager storing all of my log-in info for me.  Anyway, the idea behind this post is to inform people of hopefully a site or two that they don't already know about that they might be interested in checking out.  This will just be a rambling list, but the sites are all sites that I use or have used, and they have all been useful in different ways.  The first site is the Online Income Masterclass, it is a comprehensive video tutorial that walks you through the process of creating and uploading your squeeze page and how to incorporate your autoresponder and basically takes you through the whole list building process.  They even supply you with an already proven high converting squeeze page to use if you like.  It is a one time fee paid membership site,if I remember correctly it is only $47.   It is run by James Francis, a very accomplished and successful marketer; you can have confidence in what he is teaching you.  Another good site that supplies you with a vast amount of resale rights products that you can then sell is the Resale Rights Solution .  This site requires a monthly payment but it is the same price as the other quality resale rights warehouse sites.  
If you are just beginning building your list and are looking for one of the cheapest ways to get a quality lead capture page built and live on the internet this next site is a real help.  All that you have to do to build your squeeze page is Point and Click.  It really is the easiest method to get a squeeze page online besides paying someone else to do it for you.  Once you have a squeeze page set up and hosted, you need to figure out a way to capture some leads.  One of the easiest, most hands off solutions I have found is called Lead Skimmer.  You pay them a small fee,I think about $10, you give them your squeeze url and they use their traffic network to send automatic traffic to your squeeze page.  You can't beat free traffic that doesn't take any leg work.  Before you publish your squeeze page you are going to have to have already written an email sequence and loaded it into your auto responder that will be sent to your new prospects.  If I had the choice between composing my own twenty five emails, or paying a very small fee for someone to give me a new, quality, professional email sequence ....Every month from then on... I am pretty sure I would opt for the second option.  As a matter of fact, I did pay less than $20 and I now return each month and pick up my new set of PLR Newsletters, based on a new topic each time.  The topics cover every niche, so there is something for everyone.  Plus, the emails are informative and relationship building so the only thing you need to do is write up a new promotional email every week or so and you are set.  I am all for allowing other people to do as many tasks as I can as long as I can afford it.  I don't know about you.   If you are the type of person that needs to understand the process before you jump headlong into it, I would suggest you pick up your free copy of List Building Simplified.  It is a 100% original, highly detailed report written by a very successful marketer by the name of Phillip Brewer.  If you are a visual learner then I suggest you grab your free copy of Sniper List Building, the acclaimed video course.  It is comprehensive and covers every step of the list building process.  It is a very successful product that won't leave you wanting at all.  
Once you have a squeeze page or a minisite you will most likely progress to developing a blog.  There is an excellent course entitled Blogging for Beginners.  Once you get into this course you learn all you want to learn about blogging and more.  It discusses different blogging platforms and how to generate content.  One of the most popular blogging platforms is an open source software called WordPress.  If you choose to use WordPress and either pay for your own hosting, or if you elect to have WordPress host your blog for absolutely no charge, you will definitely benefit from a beautiful site that offers Free WordPress Training.  
Well, throughout the next couple of days I will be introducing you to many more sites that will greatly benefit both the beginner and the advanced marketer.  Stay tuned if you found anything good today because there is quite a bit more coming.  I was told that it is an effective tactic to split your blog posts up into a couple days, that way if your readers found anything worthwhile, they will return back to your site for the next couple posts.  Hey, I'll try anything lol.  I hope this series offers you one or two sites at least that will prove useful during your marketing.  I hope you have a good rest of your day, I will speak to you tomorrow or Friday.

Here are a couple of positive affirmations for you:
"I readily welcome abundance into my life."
"I enjoy and am challenged by my work."
"I always pay myself first."

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