Friday, June 29, 2012

5 Ways to Maximize Your Energy Supply

Different governments, officials and environmental agencies exhort us to conserve the energy we use in order to save the environment and sustain our continued existence on the planet.

On a personal level, I think that we also need to know how to conserve, focus, and maximize our own personal supply of energy. We unconsciously dissipate and waste our energy on people, situations, thoughts, attitudes and events which do not serve us well. This leaves less space and energy for creating and attracting the kind of abundance that we want in our lives.

Probably not the most effective use of time or energy.

Interestingly enough I've also found that as I conserve, focus and thereby maximize my energy, I tend to use less energy on craving and acquiring "stuff".  I notice I also use more energy focusing on what is truly important to me, thereby helping my environment and energy supply.

So here are 5 Ways to Maximize Your Personal Energy Supply:

1. Release Resistance.

Releasing resistance will affect a profound change in both your level of energy and also how you view the world. Resistance often feels as though we are going against ourselves in order to satisfy some internal authority or a myriad of "should" "ought to" and "have-to get done" requirements. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to be resistant.

Related feelings and behavior caused by resisting include: procrastination, using willpower and discipline to effect change (otherwise known as "I Have To Struggle To Achieve What I Want"!), stubbornness, inflexibility, wanting to be right rather than happy (a very popular one), and holding onto self-limiting beliefs way past their sell by date.

Releasing resistance can be as easy as simply making a decision to let go of whatever you are holding onto. Energy therapy also helps release resistance on some very deep levels.

2. Reduce the time you spend watching TV.

Watching TV unconsciously is very exhausting to the average person. Haven't you noticed that when you watch TV continuously and do little else, somehow you become extremely tired? This is because you are merely a passive recipient of information that you're not fully engaged with.  All of this information intake, combined with the physical microwave consumption (similar to that from computers) is very taxing on the body. It is also true that while you are watching TV, you are not doing something that may be more productive.

Now, I am not saying that you should stop watching TV altogether. I am simply implying that it would be more beneficial to your health to be more selective and watch only those programs that you have an active interest in and will be engaged with. I would personally recommend that you stop watching the mainstream media news. The constant fear mongering and mass scare tactics it subjects you to only lead to a frame of mind that is counter-intuitive to welcoming abundance. I find that my mindset, moods and overall energy improve significantly when I watch less TV.

 3. Consciously create positive vacuums.
If you clean out an area of your life, you are consciously sending the Universe a message to introduce something new to replace that object in your life. This is otherwise known as energetic and/or physical clutter clearing. Start with either option. Most people find it easier to start with clearing out the physical clutter around them which has a negative effect on their energies. You are consciously creating the space for change to occur, and inviting what you do want to enter your life. Doesn’t this sound much easier than to constantly strive and struggle to make positive changes occur?  Of course it does.  Start with your bedroom, or your closet.  Rid yourself of all the “clutter” draining your energies and you will be the beneficiary of great rewards.

4. Avoid or Deal with All Energy Vampires.

One of the quickest ways to get an energy boost is to disassociate yourself from those whose energy drains you. It is a very effective method of establishing a positive energy flow in your life.  This becomes difficult if they are your partner, member of your family, work colleagues or boss. One method is to develop a stronger set of boundaries and energetic protection with this person, so that they are less likely to affect you in a negative fashion.

5. Create quiet time for yourself every day.

We all need time, every day, just to clear and refresh our minds. We are human beings, not robots. There are times when our crowded schedule and over-worked minds don't allow space and time for the creative to be welcomed in. Einstein liked to go sailing in the afternoons after working in the morning. Okay, most of us don't have this opportunity, but you get the point.  I like to meditate for thirty minutes to an hour every night before I go to sleep.  If I have an opportunity during the day I will take ten minutes out to put on some binaural beats and recharge my energy or just relax.  Find something that you enjoy doing by yourself, for yourself and do it for at least ten minutes to an hour every single day.

If you start out with only one of the above, then your life will begin to undergo a profound change.  Find a way to introduce all of the methods into your life and it will truly increase your happiness and energy levels.

"Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness." 
-- George Santayana

Here are a couple of positive affirmations for you:
"I am becoming more and more confident."
"I am willing to trust others."
"My success is contagious, other people like it, seek it and respect it."

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