Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We have Moved

I just want to write a quick note thanking all of my regular readers.  I really appreciate you coming back to get more information and hopefully learn some new things or be inspired.  This website will not be actuvely contributed to on a regular basis anymore.  My blog has moved to the site http://planforlifesuccess.com.  It is the same theme and the format will be similar.  I am also developing Plan for Life Success into an information website that offers ebooks and ecourses and other information products for sale as well as hosting my blog.  When you switch over to Plan for Life Success you will find that the site is being actively built more and more each day.  I really hope you come on over to the new site to get new updates and continue your reading and exploration of your own personal development or internet marketing. 

The blog will have different categories for personal development and also internet marketing.  I will also be providing reviews of new personal development and self help techniques, programs and sites.  I will also be providing reviews of clickbank products, master resale rights products, and internet marketing topics in general.  As you can tell the topics I am covering are very braod and encompass many different subjects. 

I will do my best to make it easy for you to find the information on the topics you are interested in as efficiently as possible.  After a week or two of leaving this message up on this blog I will return and continue to post on this blog as well.  I just want to inform all of my readers of my new site and apologize for not adding any new content during the last week or two.   I really hope to see everyone over at the new site.  Please, please feel free to comment anywhere on Plan for Life Success and let me know what you think; or if there is any particular topic(s) you would like me to include.  Or anything else that you feel could contribute to the site in any way.  Thank you very much again and I hope to see you soon!

Here are a couple of positive affirmations for you:
"I appreciate those who love me."
"I have the perfect job for me."
"I am a source of abundance.

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