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A Couple More Helpful Marketing Sites

A Couple More Helpful Marketing Sites

I hope everybody is doing well, I apologize this post is decidedly late in its delivery.  I am now working a part time job as well as trying to get my feet underneath me with my marketing efforts so sometimes I get behind on my schedule.  But I am doing my best to update my websites and keep interesting content coming. Anyway, I will get straight to the post.
If you are into creating your own products then I highly recommend Fast Product Creator.  This website requires a $5 monthly payment or you can choose to be a free member.  I do not know the benefits of being a free member, but if you choose the paid option you are basically given a new product every month that you can take and resell as your own.  If I remember correctly you are given products that are original and not PLR.  You are also given the ability to generate your own graphics and resale package.  It is a very quick way to offer your own original products for sale.  If you are just starting out as a marketer and need an instructional website to walk you through all the processes involved in marketing then I highly recommend I.M. Lobby.  The site belongs to Anik Singal who is a well known and successful marketer.  I am a paid member of the site.  It offers tutorials and video training as well as a good place to network with other marketers.  I think the membership starts at $97, but if you have the money to invest the possibility is there to learn a lot from joining the site.  It also introduces you to Anik's projects and gives you a chance to join his coaching program which you may well want to do.  A great site for introducing you to the list building process is List Building Sniper.  This is actually one of my personal sites.  I put it on this list because it offers a highly acclaimed video instruction series that breaks down the list building process and is definitely worth exchanging a simple email address for.  If you are new to list building, you will definitely benefit from watching this training series.  Another great site created by a big time marketer is Kaizenology, it was created by Henry Gold.  Henry Gold is a very well known self proclaimed 'six figure marketer'.  I am a member of this site of Henry's as well as a couple of others.  You can download a plethora of resale rights products from this website.  It also offers a fairly extensive marketing training session via video training.  Again if you are just beginning or at the intermediate stage of your marketing this site will be very beneficial to you.  I believe you can become a member for $37 one time payment.  
Now I have a list of websites that will help you if you are a new website owner, or even if you have an established website but may not already know of these services.  The first is a Wordpress plugin by the name of SEO Pics.  This plugin costs $37 I believe.  The great benefit it offers is that for every post you write it will go to Picasa or a similar website with royalty free images and pull an image that relates to your content back to your website for inclusion in your post.  If you don't possess a lot of images already or just want to use other people's images that are royalty free then this is plugin for you.  Every post needs an image and this plugin takes care of that for you.  Another great plugin to own is the Floating Action Button.  This plugin will generate a floating popup that will slide around on your screen and show your readers a text balloon of your creation.  You can feature any call to action in the balloon including an opt in form for your newsletter, or maybe you just want to point out a key point on your web page.  This balloon will float onto your visitors screen at the time you select and display your custom message.  You can choose the interval at which the balloon will reappear and pretty much configure it to your hearts content/  This site is actually a firerfox web browser add-on.  It is called PPC Webspy.  This is a great feature to have when you are browsing the internet. It shows you all of the relevant information about any web page you select.  It shows you who is linking to the web site, it shows you its alexa ranking and its page rank and all of the basic SEO information.  The key features are finding out the backlinks and also the AdWords that the web site is bidding on and how much they are paying for each bid.  This information is great in determining the keywords you want to bid on and the rate that you will pay for each bid.  This is a free tool that offers a paid option.  It is very inexpensive, I believe somewhere in the $7-$17 range.  If you need a cheap source of advertising that increases its ability to advertise for you all by itself then you want to purchase a membership to the Viral Ad System.  I am a diamond member of this web site and use it to advertise daily.  You create links like you would with a link shortening program and then you post those links around in your web site composition and wherever you post on the internet.  Any time a person clicks on one of the links you have created with the system you earn free advertising credits that you use to advertise your websites and projects.  At the moment I have enough ad credits to advertise five websites for about 5 months straight non stop.  I believe membership starts at around $17 and ranges to $97.  The more you pay the more advertising credits you start with and earn every time your links are clicked.  It is a very effective and easy way to gain free advertising for all of your projects.  Now, if you want to throw up a bunch of Adsense sites then this will be a great deal you want to check out.  If you go to this site, you can purchase 10 Adsense sites for only $1!  A few years ago people were making fortunes with those sites.  While the revenue has slowed down as people have become wise to the advertising, I believe it is still a wise investment to throw up a group of sites in a couple of hours and keep them on the internet with the possibility to earn you money until the end of time with you having to do nothing else to them ever.  It is passive income at it's finest.  
Now, if you just like to receive free stuff, then you are going to want to sign up for this site.  The site is called Viral Bonuses.  Every month that you are a member and return to the site you are given a total of 10 free "bonuses".   These bonuses can be anything from free membership to a paid site, to a free offer that will pay you money upon completion.  They may be offering some PLR products for free, or a host of other things.  The best part is, membership to the site is free.  So every month you check back in and discover what ten free bonuses are available to you that month.  I have been a member for over a year and have gotten a ton of free stuff from the site, including several memberships to otherwise pricey web sites.  I highly recommend you at least check this web site out and see if you like what it can do for you.  Another web site that will actually pay you for being a member is this web site.  By becoming a member of this web site you simply select any number of free offers to complete, then upon completion of the free offer you are rewarded with cash.  The amount you can earn is varied between the different offers and the completion requirements, but if you are into CPA or any other sort of income earning by completing actions, then this web site is right up your alley.  One last web site that will pay you money simply for being a member basically is Paisalive.  This website is really incredible.  All you have to do to earn cash money in return is read emails.  No kidding.  You don't even have to let the emails be sent to your email inbox because the site supplies you with an inbox that stores all of your incoming mail and you just log in every day and read emails and get paid money for each email you read.  Talk about easy money.  The site pays you every two weeks, the only issue is that it pays its users in Indian currency.  So you will have to figure out the conversion rate but I am sure the site offers that as an included service.  
So, there you have it, that's all for today.  I still have a pretty good list of sites that I would like to introduce you to so keep your eyes out for my next post.  I promise it will be up quicker than this one was.  I hope you have found at least one web site to check out from this post and I hope that is greatly beneficial to you in your marketing efforts.  Have a great day, talk to you soon.

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