Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What is Your Personal Development Growth I.Q.?

Do You Know Your Personal Development Growth I.Q.?

Have you conducted a checklist or some other form of assessment that focused on you and where your life is going lately? Many goals are never reached due to a lack of self-assessments. It is frightening and overwhelming to sit down and have to face all by yourself. Yet, in order for personal development to happen, that is exactly what we must do.  Overcome the fear or the urge to procrastinate if that is something holding you back.  It is when we just jump into a project and get it done that we get things accomplished.  Personal Development work is easy to put off.  I know, I do it all the time.  But as you work your way through a few tasks and start learning more about yourself and how you can improve you will really feel great. 

Do You need a Life Coach to help you achieve your goals?
Get yourself a small notebook to be used for all thoughts concerning you. Inside these pages you will keep notes, to-do lists, inspirations and basically, everything about you. When you put yourself on paper consistently, it becomes a life management bible. Seeing who we are in written form is magic to personal growth. There is value contained here about your purpose in living. By privately writing down your daily to do’s, aspirations, and even your five year plan, you will start to form the outline of where your life is going and where your life has been. The notebook becomes your primary resource for your own personal development growth.  The more you review it and add to it, the more self aware you will become of your behaviors, habits and limiting beliefs.  It is a constant reminder of your goals and dreams.  You want these to be constantly put in your face in order to encourage self-actualization. No matter how terrifying it may sound to write all these things down, remember, it permits constant opportunity to change your life on the very next page.

Discovering your personal development growth I.Q. involves redrafting the pages you’ve written about yourself into new pages that focus on the you that you aspire to become.  Writing these pages is a foundation to helping you change your life and circumstances.  It gives you a psuedo road map to follow.  It is only through doing a consistent assessment of your life that you will be aware of things that can be improved, and then develop methods by which to do so.  Questions about who you are and where you are going will be consistently recurring during the writing of these pages.  You will take more ownership of your life and your circumstances when you have this all down on paper.  It is easier to take personal responsibility for what happens to you if you acknowledge it with pen and ink and are then able take the whole thing in. When you record the things that happen to you and your daily discoveries, these lessons become accessible over and over again.  You will also be able to build off of the fact that you have that information now collected.  You will also now have information to evaluate in order to formulate your plans. 

You cannot grow if you do not know. So much happens to us in the course of a day, yet sadly it is common for not one of those things to involve planned, predetermined growth. It will help usher countless improvements into your life if you take a half a hour each day and devote it to learning about yourself. 

Do Something Today Your Future Self Would Thank You For
Once you have a collection of daily records and other self learning's, you will possess a veritable study guide for your life.  During the writing it is necessary to critique yourself honestly. Applaud the little successes you come across when you review your journal because it is assured that had you not written them down as they occurred, you would have forgotten them entirely. Life is a continual process of renewal and opportunity. To measure your personal development growth I.Q., look back on the pages of yesterday and see if you have been taking steps forward, or maybe a step or two backwards. What lessons did you learn? What new lessons stand out to you while you review it at a later time? What is within your power to change? How will you begin taking the baby steps it takes to recreate yourself tomorrow?  It is true that taking as little as one different step forward than you took the previous day will set you on a new path of discovery.  Your journals will be your own personal road-map to follow for life.

There is also an added bonus to writing these things down.  In the act of recording them you will purge any weight they may be holding over you or your emotions.  You will experience a great feeling of relief.  We need a release for all the crap that piles up in our conscious mind.  When we allow ourselves a continual outlet for our thoughts and frustrations we will experience a much healthier mind and a far better attitude. That is the other main reason that people record things in journals.  Now more than ever, as we have twenty four hour access to more information than a million people could consume during their lifetimes, it is imperative that we provide ourselves with a method of consistent mental release.  In order to experience a high quality of mental health we need to release our pent up feelings and emotions; and we need to rid ourselves of some of the vast amount of information that we attempt to store in our mind forever. 

Days have a habit of melting into months, and then years.  The next thing we know, we look up and ten years have gone by.  Sadly, there will always be some people that remain in the exact same place and situation that they found themselves in ten years before.  Whatever you do, do not allow that to happen to you.  Nobody wants to experience that.  These people will ask themselves why their lives didn’t turn out the way that they had planned.  We must never allow ourselves to forget the fact that time is always moving forward.  It never slows or stops.  In order to keep up with time we need to make consistent progress in our lives.  It is my belief that we owe it to ourselves to give everything that we possess to realize the accomplishment of our goals and dreams.

Constantly remind yourself to encourage positive things to occur in your life. Take the time to sit down and begin your Life Journal right now.  You will thank yourself for the rest of your life once you build this daily habit into your routine.  Use the process of simply recording your thoughts and experiences to begin the process of reinventing yourself and your life. 

Here are a couple of positive affirmations for you to try out:

"I am in excellent physical shape and I am completely healthy."

"I enjoy my job every day."

"I love myself and I forgive myself an occasional mistake."

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