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Some Truth Regarding Search Engine Marketing

What Is The Truth About Search Engine Optimization?

A great many people within today’s world believe that websites are a quick ride to fame and fortune overnight.  These same folks also believe they can become successful without putting in hard work. I am here to tell you; this very rarely happens and if it does it is accomplished by those with experience in internet marketing.

Most people are also sold on the dream that SEO is the cure-all to their financial woes and they are going to become rich.  Successful websites are not always successful in the beginning and sometimes beginning an internet website can prove be to very difficult and time consuming.

Google Search Engine Marketing:

Google is a search engine that your internet website must be listed within.  Keep in mind that Google has approximately one hundred billion internet web pages, and this number increases daily.  You have to ask yourself, with those kind of figures, why should Google index your one little business website?  To be frank, you may not get indexed if you aren’t careful.

Your website is completed, now what?

More than likely when your website is completed, it will join a huge population of other websites waiting to be indexed while it sits dormant, waiting for the google god to smile upon it.  There are of course ways to list your business, but a word of warning, this sometimes can prove complex, and it is very easy to make a mess of it if you don't know what you're doing.

Search Engine Optimization:

When your website is up and running, you must jump into what is called “Search Engine Optimization”.  SEO is not a one-step process.  SEO is something which must be constantly performed in order to first obtain and then retain your search engine rankings.

Your primary goal should be to bring customers to your website, then once you have prospects attending your site you need to focus on converting the prospects into sales.

You must also market your site, you have to do this in order for your products and services to get in front of your potential customers.  Keep in mind, you must first draw these potential customers into your business website before you can sell them anything.

Sometimes waiting to get indexed brings long waiting periods and frustration for some website owners.  Some business website owners complain of a long waiting period before their website appears on the Google Search engine.  The truth is, that more than likely you are going to wait at least a short while before internet traffic will find your business within the Google Search engine.  With this being said, SEO is not the cure all for your websites' marketing strategy and you would make a mistake if you solely depend on it for your marketing strategy.

There are some alternatives to search engine marketing.  Some great alternatives are email marketing, article marketing, blogging, writing newletters, social marketing and advertising with AdWords and other pay per click networks.  These are traditional methods within the internet advertising arena and have been found to work well and be both cost and time efficient.

That's all well and good but isn't search engine marketing truly crucial as one of your fundamental marketing needs?

Some marketing experts will gladly inform you that your business should not rely on Google or the other search engines for success. As a businessman you should definitely not expect to make all of your money through traffic from the search engines.  However the use of search engine traffic should be incorporated into a well rounded marketing plan.  Your plan should also include some article marketing, some email marketing and basically a little bit from each of the a-fore mentioned marketing disciplines in order to become successful and a source of reliable income.

Hand writing SEO strategy concept - stock photo

While I know these things I am writing about to be facts, it is still extremely hard for me to realize consistent success.  I understand a whole bunch of knowledge when it comes to internet marketing and its processes but the execution of each taks to perfection is what it comes down to.  You must create a plan for every result that you want to obtain and stick to that plan.  This is a fact that I am coming grudgingly to understand.  The days are gone when you could just wing a one or two page website and expect to make gobs of money.  The internet marketing game takes precision in both planning and execution.  You must also do at least a little bit of work, usually a lot of work, each day in order to become successful.  If you are considering venturing into the internet marketing field, just take a look around and take heed of the hundreds of thousands of other people who are trying to be successful at it right now, and the thousands of people who have given up at it already.  This practice is not for the faint of heart or the people who are looking for overnight success.  It is truly a process during which you must constantly adapt your methodology and practices and stick with it through the hard times.  If you stick with anything long enough you will become successful.  I remind myself of this every day.

Please leave any comments or remarks you have below, I look forward and am trying to elicit more participation from my readers on my different sites.  This is just another of the many tasks that need to be completed and require consistent time and effort in order to be rewarded with your goal.  If I can help with anything please leave me a question or comment and I will get right back to you.  Have a great day and happy marketing!

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