Tuesday, March 24, 2015

13 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

Increase Your Happiness

Being happy isn't as hard as it sometimes appears.  In this article, I will cover a dozen things that will be sure to increase your sense of happiness and make your life more fulfilling.

Social relationships are essential for our happiness. Interaction with other people provides each of us an important outlet for our feelings, emotions, opinions etc.  It also provides us a method of feeling validated when people agree with us or side with us in our personal beliefs.  We need social interaction to keep our self esteem levels high and to make us feel socially accepted and validated.

Practicing gratitude is a very basic, yet very effective tool to increasing happiness.  Expressing gratitude works in the moment to increase your happiness real time.  As you go through your day notice small things that you are grateful for.  Pick them out and acknowledge them.  I have an app on my phone called ‘My Gratitude Journal’.  Three times a day it will pop up and then allow me to list the things I am grateful for.  Using this app has opened my eyes to just how much I have to be grateful for in my life.  Take the time to start practicing gratitude every day.  Expressing gratitude also demonstrates to the universe that you are thankful for what you have now and opens the door to more abundance in your life.

Turn off the news. The news in my opinion is just government control through the media specifically designed as another method to keep the general population’s individual and collective vibration as low as possible.  Watching the news may “keep you up on what is happening”, but you can get much better and more accurate information by just keying in to certain RSS feeds that will keep you even more informed and not show you consistently depressing stories that lower your vibration and reduce your energy and happiness levels.

Go to church occasionally.  Or your local temple, or whatever house of worship you believe in.  Being part of a spiritual group with its social elements, singing, prayers and meditations encourages inner peace and serenity.  I leave church feeling better every time I attend.

If you don’t already know, learn how to manage your time well. I know from life long experience that when you constantly allow things to back up and complete everything at the last minute it allows more stress and fear into your life.  When I stay organized and do not procrastinate I feel much better about myself and my self esteem soars.

Laugh vigorously every day.  Laughter is scientifically proven to increase our happiness.  If you are feeling down, laughter is the best medicine.  Sometimes taking a self deprecating attitude with your friends or peers will encourage more laughter.  I know it does for me.
Communicate your feelings, affections, friendship and passion to the people in your life.  When you express your feelings and do not allow them to bottle up inside of you it is very freeing.  Your relationships will prosper and your emotional balance will be greatly improved.

Tied in with the last tip, try not to keep pent up anger or frustrations, this will lead to an increasing case of distemper that will eventually end up in you doing something you will regret by hurting someone or yourself.  It can also lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke and a number of other negative situations. Find a healthy outlet for your anger such as exercise or meditation.
Hard work leads to a great sense of personal contentment.  It strengthens in us our sense of personal value and our self esteem and pride that we can get the job done.  If possible, find ways to enjoy hard work by doing productive things that bring value to your or others lives.  Chop firewood for your family or a neighbor.  Mow the lawn’s of single mothers or the elderly.  There are many ways you can provide value to yourself and others and increase your happiness and sense of self worth.

Learn something every day.  Learning is a joyful exercise. Learning broadens our horizons and can open up whole new worlds that we were not conscious of previously.   

Get cardio exercise as often as you can.  Run, jog, walk, play basketball, swim or do any other active thing.  Our body was designed with the idea that we would be consistently active.  Do yourself a favor and exercise consistently.  It not only gives you the endorphin rush and keeps your body in shape and all the millions of positive things that it does for you, really, sometimes it helps you feel more alive.

Do your best to avoid exposure to negative elements that create stress and lower your vibration such as loud noises, traffic jams, toxins and hazardous places.

Meditate daily.  Meditation has been one of the most important methods that I have used to improve the quality of my life since I began my quest a few years ago.  Meditation helps to quiet the mind.  It lowers your blood pressure, it helps slow the aging of the brain and of the body.  There are a million benefits that I could list that would occur for you if you began meditating just fifteen minutes a day.  Put on headphones and go to Youtube and find a meditation with the right guided voice for you, or the right music in the background.  Sit back and just allow yourself to quiet your mind and get in touch with the inner you.  It is beyond worth the time and effort you have to spend to do it.

These are some simple yet effective methods that you can introduce into your daily routine to help raise your vibration and happiness level.  You may already utilize some of them.  If that is the case then that is tremendous.  If you find just one thing on this list that you can implement in your life and it helps you in any way to increase your happiness then it was worth writing this article.

Here are a couple of positive affirmations for you:
"I increase my vibration every time I smile"
"I am open to receiving wealth in all forms"
"I am grateful for all of the abundance in my life"

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