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How to Dress for Success on a Budget

How to Dress for Success on a Budget

 Are you interested in dressing professionally or dressing for success?  Whether you would like to make a good impression at work, at a job interview, look professional and successful for an important business meeting, or just because, you may soon start shopping for new clothes.  Unfortunately, when it comes to dressing professionally and dressing for success, it is easy to get carried away.  This can cause difficulties if you are on a budget.

If you are looking to dress for success, but you do not want to have to spend a large amount of money doing so, you will want to take the time to examine your local thrift stores.  Thrift stores often have a large selection of career clothes. These career clothes can also often double as elegant or formal wear.  When shopping for dress for success clothes at your local thrift stores, you will just want to thoroughly examine all clothing pieces before you purchase them. Be on the lookout for items that are missing buttons, or ones that have stains.  You may also want to see if your local stores have any sales, as many thrift stores are known for having heavy sale or discount days.

You can also shop for dress for success clothes by examining specialty used clothing stores. These stores are similar to thrift stores, but you are often presented with a larger product selection, as well as clothes that are in better condition.  These specialty stores are nice, but they can sometimes be difficult to come by. You can use your local phone book or the internet to come across local used clothing stores in your area. Generally speaking, those who live in or around larger cities often have the best chance of success.

Yard sales are another one of the many ways that you can find professional or elegant clothes for sale, when shopping locally. The only problem with taking this approach is that you never know exactly what you may find. If you are not careful, you can waste a lot of time searching for elegant or formal clothing at yard sales. What you may want to do is examine your local newspapers, as many people hosting yard sales will advertise their sales, as well as outline a few of the items that they have available for sale.  Another great method that I have recently discovered is finding a Facebook group that only discusses yard sale, or items for barter or sale at a fraction of the retail price.  I have yet to utilize this method but there are consistent posts daily in the several groups I am a member of and each post is someone selling absolutely anything.  This method is convenient because if you have a smartphone you can do some browsing on your breaks or downtime and also from the comfort of your own home.  It does not involve any traveling from store to store wasting time and gas and possibly building frustration.  Join several of these groups specific to your town, city or county and check them often and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised with what you will find.

If you are looking for new clothing, as opposed to used clothing, you will want to turn to the internet. The internet is a great way to shop for dress for success clothes, as you have a number of different options. For starters, you will want to focus on traditional clothing retailers or those that have a focus on clothes designed for employment and or formal events.  Be on the lookout for any sales or sections where discontinued items are listed, as many are offered at reduced prices. This approach can also be used to shop for new clothing locally.  One site that I have had a lot of success with is No More Rack.  They sell low to upper-mid range quality products of all types for pennies on the dollar.  When I was earning a substantial income I literally made dozens of purchases from this place.  Anything from a couple tablets to a few nice dress shirts, two nice watches, a pair of sunglasses, I mean I can not even list everything I bought off of that site.  But you have to be on the ball to get the best quality and selection because every morning, I believe at 8am EST they unveil their new stock for the day.  Early risers reap great benefits by scoring good quality merchandise for a fraction of the retail price.  Give it a shot.  The only downside I can see is that you might turn into a hoarder.  But, you win some you lose some you know.

In keeping with using the internet to help you dress for success, you may want to examine online auction websites, such as eBay or QuiBids.  These websites are nice, as you often have a large selection of products to choose from. You can also find dress for success clothes being sold in both new and used conditions.  If you plan to use online auction websites, it is advised that you closely read all product descriptions, examine pictures, as well as keep a close eye on shopping costs. In some instances, you may find yourself paying more for shipping than the clothes themselves.  It is also important to read up on the reviews that past customers have left regarding the merchant selling your item.  You will get a great idea of the quality of service and the reliability of shipping time from these reviews.
The above mentioned ways are just a few of the many ways that you can go about dressing for success while sticking to a budget.  Although you do have a number of other options, such as borrowing clothes from friends or family members, the above mentioned approaches are a few of the most common and successful approaches taken.  To find the best deals, I would say that just like when you are car shopping, that you regularly keep your eyes and ears open.  One last piece of advice I suggest is that you set a firm budget of the total amount you can spend before you ever go shopping and then stick firm to that budget.  I know it sounds like common sense, but I also know that I very rarely actually make the effort to do it.  I hope this gave you an idea or at the very least kept you interested today.  Take care and have a great day.

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