Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life is Too Short - What Are We Wating For?

Today I am just bringing to my beloved readers attention a couple of useful tools and resources and also introducing a person who is a world wide speaker and recognized business authority.  If you have not seen or heard any of his work, it is worth your time to pop over to his personal page and take a quick look.  I am talking about: Mr. George Walther.  In this post I feature two distinctly different points, as well as two individual learning resources to be perused. 
A quick bit about Mr. Walther: Acclaimed for three decades as a professional speaker and author whose business-boosting works are published around the world, George Walther is now also celebrated as the "Traveling Twain of the 21st Century." He presents keynotes and workshops for diverse businesses, ranging from Starbucks and Microsoft to dentists and entrepreneurs. On stage, he combines tales from his adventures in 99 countries, as featured in USA Today, with 33 years of business authorship and consulting to deliver potent, practical lessons for commerce and life.  Here you see Mr. Walther.

Without further ado:

Here is an individual learning card from Mr. Walther's Iphone app Speaking From Experience.      :                              It's Not What Happens to You-It's What You Do About It
"Accept personal responsibility for your present situation and decide to move forward rather than wasting energy by blaming your current condition on past circumstances.  Chalk up those circumstances as lessons learned, and move on.  Instead of saying, 'I can't help it; someone else is at fault,' say, 'It's my responsibility to change things.'"   This specific lesson has really been prominent in my own personal development very recently.  I finally grasped this concept completely and took it all the way to heart, instead of just paying it the proverbial lip service.  I tell the story about my life.  It unfolds as I consistently provide a positive storyline and outlook and progressively and continually manifest abundance.  The last eight years more or less I have been stuck in a rut.  I had been suffering from the ever powerful; "Why would these things have happened to me?  What did I do to bring these negative results?"  And by dwelling on the negative things that had lead up to this point and reinforcing the negative vibrations with lines of thought such as: "Poor me, woe is me to have these things repeatedly bring me down.  How will life ever return to a positive place? How do I come back from this? And why should I have to?" I was manifesting negativity and effectively blocking out most of the abundance that was constantly surrounding me.  If I can take this one little nugget of knowledge and learn so incredibly much from it. than I know anyone can.  Download the Iphone app Speaking from Experience, and you will get 51 individual life lessons all at your fingertips.  I do not usually actively sell other people's products if I happen to not be making any commission what so ever.  In this instance, I believe in these products.  I know they can help people on their personal quest for self improvement.
I am also including a quick cut out from one of the Free Downloads on speaking from to illustrate one more time to you that this is something you should look into:

Savor your relationships.  Invest in the associations and contacts you already have.

The sabotaging voice says:
"Starting new relationships is more exciting than nurturing old ones.  I can't make any money raising a child or having friends.  Career advancement is most important.  I'm too busy for thank-you notes."
The inspiring voice says:
"My real treasures in life are my relationships.  They're worth investing in.  Just a little attention keeps them alive and vibrant.  People don't know what I don't tell them, so I have to make sure those I love and admire know how I feel about them."  

The paper then proceeds to list out in bullet points several proactive solutions for you to place into effect immediately after you finish reading.  There you have it.  If it looks like something you can afford a few minutes of your time to check out, then there is a chance you might learn something new or relearn an important forgotten lesson. 

To get your own free download of this marvelous learning tool simply head over to what I have, for personal reasons, dubbed "The Attitude Lab".  To most everyone else, that would be Mr. George Walthers' website: speaking from On the site you will find a number of other great tools set up for free download.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I hope everyone else finds this particular piece of knowledge to be incredibly helpful and as transforming or at least as enlightening as I do.  I want to thank you for reading and to please urge you to feel compelled to leave me comments.  Positive, or negative if you feel the need.  Please give me some constructive criticism, or if you have any desire at all to read about a certain topic within the overall umbrella topic of the blog, Please do tell me about it.  I will do my best to act on any comment I feel is constructive.  Take care and have a brilliant day.

 Here are a couple of positive affirmations for you:
"I am calm and relaxed in every situation."
"I reach out to my community."
"I accept and learn from my mistakes."

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