Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 1: First post to the new blog

Good evening everyone. I am going to give this whole blogging craze a go. The blog will be weekly and it will focus on self improvement and various tools and methods that I have tried and/or recommend. I will also highlight new methods that I learn about, and some that sound interesting. I am an avid practicioner of listening to both subliminal messaging and affirmations, as well as both binaural and iso-chronic beats. I will cover a lot of tools involving these and other methods. I will also focus some on career development. As I am currently in the process of going back to school in order to completely turn my career upside down and basically start over; this topic is of great personal interest to me. I have read and am beginning to read many different ebooks on these particular subjects and I will help to point them out for readers and also add a review when I finish reading.  When possible, I will also throw in some new technology, gadgets and information that I find interesting. I hope this gives you some idea and will bring you back to find my second installation next Monday. Have a great week!

Here are a couple of positive affirmations for you:

I am grateful for all that I have.
Wealth is pouring into my life.
I am sure of my ability to do what is necessary to improve my life.

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