Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick Note on Binaural Beats

Good afternoon.  I apologize for this weeks' post being a few days behind schedule.  I will remedy that situation next week with a more timely post.  I want to use this weeks post to inform you of a relatively new age technology for self development that is called binaural beats.  Now the science has been around for decades, but within the last ten years there have new and much more significant discoveries in how to utilize the technology for the maximum benefit.  If you want to learn about binaural beats and their history and current uses please feel free to check this site out:  It is full of great information and explains really as much as you want to know about the technology.  If you would prefer to just sit back and watch a video explanation then feel free to check this page out: .  The page provides a great video that explains in detail about the discovery, process and practice of binaural beats. 
Personally I am very fond of using brain entrainment technology in my quest for personal development and success.  If you were to browse my itunes folder you would see about 33% binaural beats and isochronic tones (the younger brother of binaural beats), 33% success and wealth audio books and files and hypnosis and 33% music.  I will cover some about self hypnosis and some of the resources I know about and use in a later post.
One of my favorite resources and most utilized source of binaural brain entrainment that I use is generated by a company called BrainSync.  You can find BrainSync at Here you will find all of their information and binaural meditation (guided/simple) tracks.  Their main designer/speakers' name is Kelly Howell.  You hear her voice on a large majority of their downloads.  She has a very calm and soothing voice, it really helps put your mind at ease when her voice combines with the brain-wave entrainment.  They have great binaural, and I believe some isochronic downloads.   Another resource I am fond of, is a company called Meditainment.  Find them at  They provide more guided meditation tracks and I do not believe they utilize binaural beats.  So if you prefer just the guided meditation approach definitely check their site out! They offer free samples for you to get started.  Well that will wrap up todays posting.  I hope you have some time to check out a few or all of the sites that I have shared with you.  I truly believe they offer great resources for personal growth, success and help offer a more total peace of mind.  Personally, since I began using these resources only three months ago, I have gained a remarkable amount of patience, perserverance and willpower.  I am also much less prone to any anger outbursts or flare ups.  I have gained a remarkable amount of patience.  I am much calmer and more relaxed at all times.  I want to wish you well on your journey of self discovery and improvement!

Here are a couple of personal affirmations that I find helpful:
"Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better."
"My life is a source of wealth and abundance."
"I am grateful for all that I have."

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