Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scholarship Application Tips

One aspect of career development for a lot of people these days is the proverbial road "back to school". Maybe to try and pickup a new career since the old one was not working out.  I know this is currently the path that I am on, so this topic is of great interest to me personally.  That topic is: obtaining scholarships!  I have included a brief list with some great tips that will help you with your application process.  I hope you find it useful and informative.

Scholarship Application Tips

Applying for a scholarship is not just filling up an application form and hope that you get response. It should involve careful evaluation and understanding of the whole application process so as to get better chances of winning your most desired scholarship.

To help you on this, here are the tips that you should consider before and during your scholarship application:

• Begin your search early

Like plane seats, more options come during the early stage of application. In other words, if you begin your search early, you can have better chances of landing on the best scholarship awards possible. Think of it this way: if you only apply on the closing days, most scholarship grants are already awarded to those who apply early or most scholarship applications have already closed. On the other hand, if you search for scholarship early, you can find many sponsors that would certainly increase your chances in winning the scholarship.

• Apply early

If you begin your search early, you should also apply early. There is not a single day to waste since many students like you are also battling out to win the same scholarship. However, this does not mean that you apply every single grant you find. You still have to evaluate and…

• Check your eligibility

There are countless of scholarship grants out there but there are only few that could fit you. To avoid the possible rejection of application, you should check if the scholarship grants and sponsors you are aiming at would fit your need. Read carefully the requirements since this is the best way to know if you are fit with the scholarship that is being offered.

• Prepare your requirements early

Never wait for your sponsors to ask for the requirements before you prepare for them. Take note that the sponsors work at a specified timeframes so if you run late on your filling of requirements, you may not get the scholarship.

• Create a good application letter

Just like applying writing for a job application letter, the scholarship application letter should show that you are the person to be awarded with the scholarship. Write a good application letter unique from others.

• Follow the instruction for writing the essay

Do not go beyond the boundaries of the length limit. Make sure to answer the questions carefully and sincerely. Use simple terms to keep your essay readable.

And finally, check, re-check, and double-check your requirements, essays, letters, and other supporting documents before submitting them to the sponsor.

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