Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Gadget Additions

I have added about ten new gadgets and interactive places on this blog.  Please comment or email me with comments.  Also feel free to comment and suggest a gadget you would like to see on this page.  I am currently working and reworking with the layout to find the most effective format to present the material and the cool gadgets that help support it.  I am working on updating with a new post or two, it is taking a little bit longer than I anticipated, I want to try and post only interesting information that has some personal research behind it at least. Please leave suggestions for a new gadget.  A couple of gadgets that are coming up are: A list of links to pages I believe are interesting and revolve around personal development and or career transition.  I am also going to introduce some info about the IT field in general, because that is what I will be going back to school to study in the spring.  Thank you for checking out the new blog.  Please feel free to follow in any way that is practical for you.

Here are a couple positive affirmations for you:
"My thoughts are under my control."
"I am getting wealthier each day."
"I am a positive and valuable contributor to my relationships."

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